Design Assistance

It’s all part of the package!

Whether you’re putting together specific looks, textures & colors, or just can’t make up your mind between stone choices,
Myterra is always here with individualized care.

Myterra makes every effort to keep our stone selections similar in color and pattern,
but some stones just don’t cooperate. The inherent nature of stones is that no two are alike, but every shipment
we receive contains some stones that are just SO different we can’t use them to fill typical orders.

Over the years we’ve amassed an inventory of some very beautiful stones
that we just don’t have in large quantities . . .
which could be just perfect for your special project!

We’ve also modified our hardware components to create new product ideas . . .
from wall hooks to curtain finials, knobs without rosettes. Ask us bout your special projects –
we might be able to make just what you need! Tell us what you want to accomplish and
we’ll advise you what unpublished choices we may have.

We can even email you photos or send samples.*



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