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Limited Stone Quantities / Closeouts or Discontinued Stones:
We have some beautiful stone selections that we don’t have sufficient quantities of to offer in our regular line of products.  Some are on backorder but we still have a handful in inventory, some just aren’t available to us anymore and when they sell out, they’re gone.

Beautiful Stones That Vary Widely in Color or Pattern:
The inherent nature of stones is that no two are exactly alike but in every order we get a few stones that are just so different from the rest we can’t use them to fill larger orders.  Perfect if you only need a couple of cabinet knobs or one doorknob, maybe even with a different stone on either side of the door!

Returns or “I Changed My Mind”:
Sometimes a customer doesn’t like the variation in their chosen stone (“I thought they’d be more green/purple/larger/smaller”) and sometimes it get’s ordered wrong (“I thought I wanted a passage knob, but now I really want it to lock”).  We try very hard to ask the right questions when we talk to customers directly, but sometimes these things happen.  Since our products are made to order – you choose the stone & finish – for these already assembled products we wait for someone to order the same thing or we can pass the savings on to you.

Loose Spheres:
We offer some spheres just a sphere specimens.  They’re not right for our products, but are still very beautiful.  Perhaps you’d like to choose one of these to make a truly unique doorknob!


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